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 (kən-fĕd′ər-əl, -fĕd′rəl)
1. Of or relating to confederation or a specific confederation.
2. Of, relating to, or involving the activities of two or more nations: "Can federal or confederal solutions be negotiated to limit ethnic strife?" (Lincoln P. Bloomfield).

con·fed′er·al·ist n.
con·fed′er·al·ly adv.


(kənˈfɛd ər əl, -ˈfɛd rəl)

of or pertaining to a confederation.
con•fed′er•al•ist, n.
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(24) Furthermore, there is nothing in my proposal that excludes the possibility of moving on from full civil rights in an open geo-economic space in the area under discussion to a new version of a two-state model, now conceived confederally, or federally, and whose borders are not necessarily defined by what have now become an obsolete 1967 line.
Unlike distributive conceptions of justice and social order, which presuppose a centre to collect and redistribute, commutative relations can be organised federally or confederally (a semantic distinction not available to Proudhon), without centre or circumference.
One of the premises of Mphahlele's theory of Afrikan Humanism is that of distilling and characterising the underlying consciousness connecting African cultures while at the same time conceding to superficial intra-ethnic differences that should confederally strengthen Africanist nationalism rather than hamper it (see Mphahlele 2002: 252).
Integrative federalism refers to a constitutional order that strives at unity in diversity among previously independent or confederally related component entities.
The CLC is a highly centralized confederally structured organization made up of provincial federations of labour, community-based labour councils, and affiliated national and international unions.
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