confederate jasmine

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Noun1.confederate jasmine - evergreen Chinese woody climber with shiny dark green leaves and intensely fragrant white flowers
genus Trachelospermum, Trachelospermum - genus of Asiatic woody vines with milky sap in leaves and stems
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
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A new arch was planted with Lady Banks climbing roses and Confederate jasmine, and a central boxwood square filled with Asiatic jasmine was reconfigured to afford space for white pansies in winter and white impatiens and red begonias in summer.
After expanding the pool deck, he chose fragrant Confederate jasmine for the pergola columns and slow-growing Sandankwa viburnum around the perimeter of the pool so that views of the lovely rear yard would not be obstructed.
Within days, a part of me that had been dormant was awakened by the twilight odor of the primitive cycads, the perfume of Confederate jasmine.
Confederate Jasmine--For large walls or surfaces, even unsightly ones, Confederate Jasmine is fast growing, and its glossy, deep green leaves are lovely.
A multicolored picket fence and arbor display a profusion of blossoms, the sweet scent of Confederate jasmine as enticing as the visual delight of purple queen's wreath.