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also con·fer·ree  (kŏn′fə-rē′)
1. A participant in a conference.
2. One upon whom something, such as an honor, is conferred.


(ˌkɒnfɜːˈriː) or


1. a person who takes part in a conference
2. a person on whom an honour or gift is conferred


or con•fer•ree

(ˌkɒn fəˈri)

1. a person on whom something is conferred.
2. a person, group, etc., that confers or takes part in a conference.
[1765–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.conferee - a person on whom something is bestowed; "six honorary were conferred; the conferees were..."
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something
2.conferee - a member of a conference
conference - a prearranged meeting for consultation or exchange of information or discussion (especially one with a formal agenda)
communicator - a person who communicates with others


also conferree
One who participates in a conference:


[ˌkɒnfɜːˈriː] N (US) → congresista mf
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Therefore, exhibitor, conferee and speaker information that had been previously printed and mailed will now be available only as downloads and Internet form submissions.
These procedures are informal in the Senate, for under the Senate rules, a Senate conferee is a conferee for all purposes, and a majority of all Senate conferees must sign the conference report to conclude the conference, regardless of the purposes for which the Senate appointed the conferees.
This arrangement worked out well for both conferee and exhibitor.
Larry Craig (R-Idaho), who was not a designated conferee, took measures to keep the modest gain, but opposing public land management philosophies will likely lead to the bill's veto, sending it off to be revised.
According to the writer (Helm, 1989), the first step is for the school administrator to establish whether the conferee is communication primarily through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic means (Please note that individuals communicate in all three modalities, but that they usually stress one approach more than another.
The Conferee Networking Sessions, which premiered in 2007, were expanded from 8 to 27 sessions this year with many additional topics and were attended by more than 500 participants.
ranking minority member of the Senate Finance Committee and a conferee, declined on March 16 to discuss particular issues even as he introduced legislation that contained provisions of particular interest to the insurance industry on retirement savings.
a highway conferee, said the counter-offer would obligate $284 billion in spending on highways and transit.
Senate Minority Leader Thomas Daschle (D-SD), a conferee who has not been allowed to attend the final negotiating sessions by Conference Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA), sounded just as pessimistic Nov.
In the House, Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), a transportation conferee, continues to say that House Republican leaders will not send a transportation bill to President Bush that he will veto.
Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle (D-SD), another conferee who has been excluded, warned Senate Democrats would filibuster any final compromise if they did not agree with the final product.
Don Nickles (R-OK), a conferee, had proposed having individuals with incomes above $60,000 pay more for their physician and outpatient services under Part B of the traditional Medicare program, a change Nickles said would save the federal government about $40 billion.