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The arrangement of parts or elements in a pattern or form, as:
a. Chemistry The structural arrangement of atoms in a compound or molecule.
b. Computers The way in which a computer system or network is set up or connected.
c. Psychology Gestalt.

con·fig′u·ra′tion·al·ly adv.
con·fig′u·ra′tive, con·fig′u·ra′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.configurational - of or relating to or characterized by configuration
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This system of values is determined by what Miller (1987) refers to as"configurational imperatives." In the case of Quebec universities, these imperatives or configurational positions are determined by the initial configuration, that is, the meaning given by the stakehiolders to the values of accessibility, decentralization, democracy and autonomy of action.
These false alarms, generated due to a host of human oversights such as cigarette smoke, incense burning and other domestic pursuits are at one end of the challenge with the other end pointing to technical matters such as faulty smoke sensors and/or configurational problems in fire alarm panels.
This small compliance refers to the absence of configurational rearrangements of the chain backbones within the data interval.
Polaris Improvement Program was reached with Chevaline, a unique configurational change to alter the front end of the Polaris missile, thereby rendering it all but invulnerable to interception by deployed Soviet ABMs.
"Introduction." In Discourse Configurational Languages, edited by Katalin E.
This was done using multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis (MGCFA), in which the parameters of the items, such as the number of dimensions (configurational invariance), factor loadings (weak invariance), intercept (strong) invariance and residual (strict) invariance are compared consecutively and cumulatively under the null hypothesis of equality between the groups compared.
Business researchers urge their colleagues to stop using null hypothesis significance tests, multiple regression analysis, and structural equation modeling, and start using configurational modeling.
"The proposed development reconfigures a space to provide five leisure apartment units each providing sleeping, living and bathroom accommodation without offering any detrimental changes to the exterior aesthetic, and maintaining the centralised core of the block so as to reduce any configurational structural work.
where [P.sup.([beta])].sub.[alpha]] ([alpha] = Cu, Au; [beta] = 1, 2) is the probability so that the atom [alpha] occupies the lattice site of [beta]-type and these probabilities are determined in [8], [mathematical expression not reproducible] are the Helmholtz free energy of effective metals [Cu.sup.*]1, [Cu.sup.*]2, [Au.sup.*]1, and [Au.sup.*]2, respectively, and [S.sub.c] is the configurational entropy.

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