confined aquifer

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con·fined aquifer

An aquifer that is under pressure because layers of impermeable rock, such as claystone, lie above and below it.
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The second aquifer, which extends from 200m to 1,500m is a confined aquifer and is composed of limestone formation.
1987), for a homogeneous, isotropic, laterally extensive and confined aquifer, the phase shifts between Earth tides (volumetric strain) and water level are assumed to be caused by the time required for water flowing into and out of the well.
West in Greenfield and is the site of three operational gravel-packed wells within a confined aquifer.
98) A confined aquifer is "[a]n aquifer that contains water
Two aquifers an unconfined and a confined aquifer are found in the study area.
These conditions were Holocene and Upper Pleistocene graveled pore aquifer (HUPGP), Middle Pleistocene graveled confined aquifer (MPGC), Cretaceous clastic rocks pore and fracture aquifer (CCRPF), and metamorphic rocks fracture aquifer (MRF).
1) soft nodular sequence; (2) indurate carapace or trachy-rhyolitic suite; (3) perched aquifer ; (4) interbasaltic red bole mantle ; (5) mottled massive clay ; (6) deep confined aquifer, and; (7) fractured ignimbrite substratum.
Mineralisation also appears to be within a saturated, confined aquifer system that adds to the potential of mining with ISR methods in the future.
Key Words : Confined aquifer, large-diameter well, Moench model, partially penetrating well, unconfined aquifer, worksheet.
Bottled water from a well that taps a confined aquifer in which water stands at some height above the aquifer.