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tr.v. con·firmed, con·firm·ing, con·firms
a. To support or establish the certainty or validity of; verify: confirm a rumor.
b. To reaffirm the establishment of (a reservation or advance arrangement).
2. To make firmer; strengthen: Working on the campaign confirmed her intention to go into politics.
3. To make valid or binding by a formal or legal act; ratify.
4. To administer the religious rite of confirmation to.

[Middle English confirmen, from Old French confermer, from Latin cōnfirmāre : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + firmāre, to strengthen (from firmus, strong; see dher- in Indo-European roots).]

con·firm′a·bil′i·ty n.
con·firm′a·ble adj.
con·firm′a·to′ry (-fûr′mə-tôr′ē) adj.
con·firm′er n.
Synonyms: confirm, corroborate, substantiate, authenticate, validate, verify
These verbs mean to establish or support the truth, accuracy, or genuineness of something. Confirm implies the establishment of certainty or conviction: The information confirmed our worst suspicions.
To corroborate something is to strengthen or uphold the evidence that supports it: The witness is expected to corroborate the plaintiff's testimony.
To substantiate is to establish by presenting solid or reliable evidence: "What I shall say can be substantiated by the sworn testimony of witnesses" (Mark Twain).
To authenticate something is to establish its genuineness, as by expert testimony or documentary proof: Never purchase an antique before it has been authenticated.
Validate refers to establishing the validity of something, such as a theory, claim, or judgment: The divorce validated my parents' original objection to the marriage.
Verify implies proving by comparison with an original or with established fact: The bank refused to cash the check until the signature was verified.
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Adj.1.confirmable - capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observationconfirmable - capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation
empirical, empiric - derived from experiment and observation rather than theory; "an empirical basis for an ethical theory"; "empirical laws"; "empirical data"; "an empirical treatment of a disease about which little is known"
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Apart from the personal discomfort of being so attended, and apart from such considerations of present danger as arose from one of the patriots being chronically drunk, and carrying his musket very recklessly, Charles Darnay did not allow the restraint that was laid upon him to awaken any serious fears in his breast; for, he reasoned with himself that it could have no reference to the merits of an individual case that was not yet stated, and of representations, confirmable by the prisoner in the Abbaye, that were not yet made.
To see the concept unfolding as a confirmable reality creates an enormous amount of enthusiasm in our team and our stakeholders.
Extraneous Under-sold Or Remnant Media Of Negligible Relevance To The Intended Target Audience, And Confirmable Favorable Positioning, Frequency Or Airtimes.
However, the senior creditors' support of today's agreement paves the way toward a confirmable plan for the restructuring of CEOC.
That an invented thing is 'real' will be ascertainable by the immediately apprehensible material fact of itself," Elain Scarry states, arguing that a tree "has a materialized existence that is confirmable by vision, touch, hearing, smell; its reality is accessible to all the senses; its existence is thus confirmed within the bodies of the observers themselves.
This allowed fieldwork to be transparent and data to be confirmable.
The delivery of a safe, confirmable therapy with immediate response should provide gratification to patients and physicians alike" commented Paul A.
Active Robots demonstrated the quickness at which a researcher could establish Baxter and gain viable and confirmable results.
284) (Not to mention such contingent factors as "election results, the political demands facing presidents, the composition of the Senate, the qualified and confirmable candidates available to Presidents at the time of appointment," and so on.
This was the first, and to my recollection, only time in recent history DAV officially endorsed a specific nominee for a confirmable position," said former Washington Headquarters Executive Director Dave Gorman.
section][section] 943(b)(4) and 1129(a)(s) of the Bankruptcy Code provide that for a plan to be confirmable, it most have been proposed in good faith and "not by any means forbidden by law," and that the debtor must not be "prohibited by law from taking any action necessary to carry out the plan," respectively.
Yanukovych "has left Kiev in an orderly fashion, packed up his things and left, and his whereabouts are not known to us in a confirmable way," Carney said during a briefing.