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tr.v. con·fis·cat·ed, con·fis·cat·ing, con·fis·cates
1. To seize (private property) for the public treasury, especially as a penalty for wrongdoing.
2. To seize by authority: The teacher confiscated all the comic books we had in class. See Synonyms at appropriate.
adj. (kŏn′fĭ-skāt′, kən-fĭs′kət)
1. Seized by a government; appropriated.
2. Having lost property through confiscation.

[Latin cōnfiscāre, cōnfiscāt : com-, com- + fiscus, treasury.]

con′fis·ca′tion n.
con′fis·ca′tor n.
References in classic literature ?
The modern inhabitants are confiscators and falsifiers of high repute, if gossip speaks truly concerning them, and I freely believe it does.
The confiscator gang in Peoples Party rulers has done injustice to him by bringing his grave to the witness box of the court after 32 years.
The situation with the property confiscators collecting "tax" from the poor is untenable.