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1. Relating to or effecting confiscation.
2. Being or imposing an excessive or unreasonable tax or cost: confiscatory taxes; a confiscatory police.


(kənˈfɪskətərɪ; -trɪ)
involving confiscation


(kənˈfɪs kəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i)

characterized by, effecting, or resulting in confiscation.


adj they have confiscatory powerssie sind zur Beschlagnahme befugt
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Therefore, the FCC, by not taking any action made an arbitrary, capricious and confiscatory decision with respect to commission payments.
Will it be more beneficially employed by the political class of a confiscatory government?
Why hang around and pay a confiscatory rate of tax up there, when you could enjoy English rates for just the price of a season ticket on East Coast Trains?
There are many nuggets of wisdom along the way; from the difference between ownership of a business versus a job to understanding the distinction between investing in assets versus liabilities, and comprehending the divergences between a good investment, a forced savings plan, and a payroll confiscatory plan (when it comes to an IRA offered by one's job).
We are determined to pursue all options to protect our asset against this confiscatory tax.
The lying, cheating, condescending, confiscatory, dishonest, glib, dissimulating, conniving con man - hang on, this isn't good for my blood pressure.
Moore makes a compelling case that fairness does not mean confiscatory taxation and promotion of class warfare.
While the wealthy eschew confiscatory taxes, the not so wealthy disdain confiscation of their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment--and being treated as helpless victims.
Support is coming from a slightly weaker dollar and a better tone to global equities, although shares in Asia fell earlier today on worries that the resolution to the crisis in Cyprus has set a confiscatory precedent that puts depositors and bond holders in other peripheral Europe countries at risk," said Addison Armstrong at traders Tradition Energy.
The reaction in the financial markets has generally been negative and many commentators have condemned the confiscatory nature of the move.
But the impossibility of raising revenue then triggered the French Revolution, with the revolutionaries demanding confiscatory taxes and impositions on the wealthy elite.
Investments in emerging market securities are subject to elevated risks which include, among others, expropriation, confiscatory taxation, issues with repatriation of investment income, limitations of foreign ownership, political instability, armed conflict and social instability.