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1. Made uneasy by conflicting feelings.
2. Usage Problem Conflicting; mixed: conflicted emotions.
Usage Note: The adjective conflicted appears to have overcome its history of association with pop psychology at least when referring to people. Back in 1988, some 92 percent of the Usage Panel rejected its use in the sentence Many managers are conflicted about the reorganization plan. But in our 2008 survey, 76 percent accepted the similar sentence She was deeply conflicted about taking the job with the new firm. The Panel allowed but looked less favorably on sentences in which conflicted referred to feelings. Some 52 percent accepted He had conflicted feelings about sending his child to private school.


unable to decide between opposing feelings or views


(kənˈflɪk tɪd)

full of conflicting emotions.
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Uncertainties of production development entail significant risks between interdependent firms that often conflicted with one another and created restructuring conflicts.
A model of solving conflict in the Asian context might proceed something like this: (1) Disconnect the conflicted participants; (2) Hear each of them while they are separated; (3) Cool the emotive feelings; (4) Resolve the dispute; (5) Check later to see if what they agreed upon is holding; (6) Provide continued pastoral care and counseling.
In recent years some have questioned the reliability and credibility of public health and environmental research conducted or funded by the chemical industry, suggesting that industry research is fundamentally conflicted and hence unreliable (Devine 2001; Sass et al.