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1. Corresponding; similar: plans that are conformable to your wishes.
2. Quick to comply; submissive.
3. Geology Of, relating to, or being rock or sediment strata that were deposited either adjacent to each other or in vertical sequence without interruption by a disruptive or altering process such as erosion or folding.

con·form′a·bil′i·ty n.
con·form′a·bly adv.
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Its properties including instant adhesion, good holding power, improved conformability, easy tear and high solvent & moisture resistance will drive demand over the next seven years.
Still, one only needs to have a quality mattress to guarantee a good slumber - with the right balance of support and conformability, using coils that are strategically placed to support the body and provide layers of padding for maximum comfort.
The polyethylene face material, 85[micro] thick, ensures high conformability, which is an essential characteristic for labeling contoured and squeezable containers.
Furthermore, Gaffers Tape is suitable for all types of packaging material owing to its properties such as better adhesive holding power, improved moisture resistance, better conformability and instant adhesion.
However, practical realization has been impractical due to the bulkiness of batteries and insufficient power supply, or due to noise interference from the electrical supply, impeding conformability and long-term operation.
The credibility (internal validity) and conformability of the results was achieved by thick description,member checking and reflexivity.9 The transcripts were sent back to the participants for member checking and they were allowed to edit their responses.10 Inter-interviewee comparison and rich, thick description were two other methods employed in this context.11,12
3M has expanded its lineup of advanced adhesives for medical devices with the addition of 3M Single Coated Medical Extended Wear Adhesive Nonwoven Tape on Liner (3M 4077), a pressure sensitive adhesive that offers omni-directional stretch for superior conformability and breathability.
Conformability of data to normal distribution was assessed with Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.
Low temperature flexibility allows for stretching and conformability at temperatures much lower than plasticized vinyl, while wettability provides compatibility with inks and a range of printing technologies.
It will be available in one universal thickness of 3/32 inch (2.4mm) that combines the sealing and blowout resistance of a 1/16 inch (1.6mm) gasket with the compressibility and conformability of a 1/8 inch (3.2mm) gasket.
Set in a modest suburban neighborhood,this play follows the married life of Karla and Marc that has fallen victim to conformability. Find out what happens when the quest for excitement coupled with the help being more than helpful.