conformal projection

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Noun1.conformal projection - a map projection in which a small area is rendered in its true shape
map projection - a projection of the globe onto a flat map using a grid of lines of latitude and longitude
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This is a feature of a conformal projection, such as the stereographic, which preserves the shapes of small islands on Earth or of constellations in the sky.
We will call two conformal projections equivalent if the ratio between their mapping factors is a constant; that is, the first projection with the mapping factor m is equivalent to the second with the mapping factor [bar.m] on domain Q if there exists a constant k > 0 such that [bar.m] = k[bar.m] for any ([lambda],[phi]) [member of] [OMEGA].
Let us consider conformal projections. The two projections that are of most interest in our test area are the Lambert conformal conic projection with two standard parallels, which is used in the coordinate system L-EST97 (EPSG:3301), and Transverse Mercator with central meridian 24[degrees], which is used in the coordinate system TM-Baltic93 (EPSG:25884).

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