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v. con·formed, con·form·ing, con·forms
a. To be or act in accord with a set of standards, expectations, or specifications: a computer that conforms with the manufacturer's advertising claims; students learning to conform to school safety rules. See Synonyms at correspond.
b. To act, often unquestioningly, in accordance with traditional customs or prevailing standards: "Our table manners ... change from time to time, but the changes are not reasoned out; we merely notice and conform" (Mark Twain).
2. To be similar in form or pattern: a windy road that conforms to the coastline; a shirt that conforms to different body shapes.
To bring into accord or agreement; cause to correspond or comply: "a woman who has conformed herself to the male-designed image of virtuous widowhood so that she can live in peace" (Jennifer Panek). See Synonyms at adapt.

[Middle English conformen, from Old French conformer, from Latin cōnfōrmāre, to shape after : com-, com- + fōrmāre, to shape (from fōrma, shape).]

con·form′er n.
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Le departement des Finances s'etait fixe un echeancier de deux ans pour se conformer a la reglementation internationale.
La multiplication des prisons, de plus en plus vastes et respectueuses des droits humains pour se conformer aux standards internationaux, nae1/4aoest [euro]u[c]videmment pas le recours id[euro]u[c]al, sachant que cela nae1/4aoaboutit quae1/4ao[euro]u donner un coup de fouet [euro]u lae1/4aoinflation des co[euro]u[beaucoup plus grand que]ts et des charges, sans que cela influe en rien sur la r[euro]u[c]insertion sociale des pr[euro]u[c]venus.
Next, the cradle was placed around the right ear, with care taken to ensure that the posterior conformer was several millimeters away from the postauricular sulcus.
Moreover, it has been demonstrated that this molecule can be present in a peptide-free (open conformer) form and can cooperate with other HLA-class I open conformers during cross-presentation.
Ceci-dit, en raison des operations de securite toujours en cours dans les zones frontalieres et le "risque terroriste regional lie aux menaces renouvelees d'Al-Qaida", selon le site de la diplomatie francaise, les voyageurs ont ete, toutefois, appeles a faire preuve de vigilance renforcee et a se conformer aux consignes de securite.
Il a indique que le ministere se rejouit que la periode a venir verra mieux de developpement des relations entre les deux pays d'une maniere qui pourrait se conformer aux desirs des deux peuples freres.
where [N.sub.g], [N.sub.g+], and [N.sub.t], are the numbers of "gauche" (g and g+) and "trans" contributing conformers per unit area, [] and [] are the strain-dependent activation energies that must be overcome in each g [right arrow] t and t [right arrow] g transition, [a.sub.0] is the average cross-sectional area of each conformer, [k.sub.B] is Boltzmann's constant, T the absolute temperature, and v a frequency factor.
We conclude that the major conformer in the [sup.1]H NMR spectrum of lisinopril corresponds to the first eluted peak in the HPLC chromatogram at ambient temperature, which exists in a higher proportion.