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 (kən-foun′dĭd, kŏn-)
1. Confused; befuddled: A crowd of confounded bystanders stared at the appalling wreckage.
2. Used as an intensive: a confounded fool.

con·found′ed·ly adv.
con·found′ed·ness n.
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We also use regression models to control for confoundedness, to test for network effects on mean attitudes, and to analyze how networks and beliefs about the past are associated with ethnic and political trust.
Rather, it gratifies a curiosity fed by confoundedness and discoveries, both practical and intuitive, as it creates a cycle of nuanced engagement and stimulation.
This inward focus emerges biographically in the isolation of Stevens's life, as well as poetically in a hermetic diction and an utter confoundedness regarding the inner states of other beings, especially in his later work (two titles from the 1947 book Transport to Summer are exemplary: "Continual Conversation with a Silent Man"; "Wild Ducks, People and Distances").