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1. The act of confronting or the state of being confronted, especially a meeting face to face.
a. A conflict involving armed forces: a nuclear confrontation.
b. Discord or a clash of opinions and ideas: an age of ideological confrontation.
3. A focused comparison: an essay that brought elements of biography, autobiography, and general European history into powerful, meaningful confrontation.

con′fron·ta′tion·al adj.
con′fron·ta′tion·ist n.
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(ˌkɒn frənˈteɪ ʃə nl, -frʌn-)

also con•fron•ta•tive

(ˈkɒn frənˌteɪ tɪv, kənˈfrʌn tə-)

tending toward or ready for confrontation or conflict.
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Adj.1.confrontational - of or relating to confrontation
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[ˌkɒnfrənˈteɪʃənəl] ADJ [approach, attitude, style] → confrontacional, agresivo
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[ˌkɒnfrʌnˈteɪʃənəl] adj [approach, style, stance, attitude, politics] → conflictuel(le)
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[ˌkɒnfrənˈteɪʃənəl] adjpolemico/a, aggressivo/a
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adj desafiante
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This confrontational approach by Tehran only led to President Trump tweeting '40 years of corruption.
Confrontational 5.00 Dundalk 1pt win The Crowne Plaza Hotel Race & Stay Handicap features a couple of in-form horses and the John Murphy-trained Confrontational could be the one to beat.
Osmena added that the country could not be 'confrontational,' saying China has stronger military forces.
There are three C's in Defence Marketing in regard to customer approach: Combative, Confrontational and Constructive.
He also chided his brother for his confrontational ways, which could cause confusion, anger and hatred among the public.
A PAIR of "confrontational" Canada geese at Erddig have prompted a safety warning after the birds were spotted chasing visitors.
Addressing the participants of the meeting, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq urged India and Pakistan to shun the confrontational approach and start a sustained dialogue process to resolve the long-pending Kashmir dispute.
Just a month ago, even the Estonian Reform Party elected a new chairman, and former Prime Minister Taavi Roivas was replaced by a more compromise-seeking, participation-orientated and less confrontational Hanno Pevkur.
"We will not tread on confrontational path and will not waste foundation resources by pursuing any collision course," he said.
She is entitled to her opinions and the right to express them but too often her intemperate language and confrontational style becomes the news item, rather than the point which she is making.
After a while, another member of the staff (without a name) appeared from behind a screen nd spoke to the gentleman, and after a brief conversation accused him of being confrontational.
Sir Richard accused the Chinese authorities of acting in an "overtly confrontational manner" and said that he would now be pressing for an emergency Commons debate.