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1. The act of confronting or the state of being confronted, especially a meeting face to face.
a. A conflict involving armed forces: a nuclear confrontation.
b. Discord or a clash of opinions and ideas: an age of ideological confrontation.
3. A focused comparison: an essay that brought elements of biography, autobiography, and general European history into powerful, meaningful confrontation.

con′fron·ta′tion·al adj.
con′fron·ta′tion·ist n.


(ˌkɒn frənˈteɪ ʃə nɪst, -frʌn-)

1. a person who confronts opposition, esp. aggressively.
2. characteristic of confrontation or confrontationists.
con`fron•ta′tion•ism, n.
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Whether the PML-N would toe an all-out confrontationist party line espoused by Nawaz, or will it be a more reconciliatory approach towards the establishment, that Shahbaz stands for?
There is an urgent need to back off from this blinkered confrontationist stance.
But at the same time we expect that the PML (N) top leadership while highlighting the record number of development projects they executed in last five years will abstain from confrontationist mode with the judiciary for the greater interest of the country and democracy.
Nawaz's confrontationist posturing, Dar's deliberate absence and Maryam's sabre rattling are all calculated to cause confusion and unrest.
And ironically, his blunt, unconventional and confrontationist style is defining and leading the U.
Increasingly, the people of the world are realising the need to speak out against warlike and confrontationist policies, to insist that there be dialogue aimed at establishing a lasting peace.
The situation will not improve with this confrontationist remarks of the Prime Minister.
This signals Russia's interest at shifting its Syria involvement from a diplomatic and political track to a confrontationist military one.
Iran cannot continue with this confrontationist posture for long.
In reality, the world, led by the US, has been able to diffuse a likely confrontationist situation where Israel was contemplating a unilateral military action to strike down the Iranian nuclear facility.
It cannot expect to do so if it adopts a confrontationist approach towards the Opposition.
While the Congress can thank the Bihar electorate for this change in behaviour, it should be more grateful to the framers of the Indian Constitution for forcing Modi to stem his confrontationist approach in Parliament and outside.