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v. con·fused, con·fus·ing, con·fus·es
a. To cause to be unable to think with clarity or act with intelligence or understanding; bewilder or perplex.
b. Archaic To cause to feel embarrassment.
a. To fail to differentiate (one person or thing) from another: confused effusiveness with affection.
b. To make more complex or difficult to understand: "The old labels ... confuse debate instead of clarifying it" (Christopher Lasch).
To make something unclear or incomprehensible: a new tax code that only confuses.

[Middle English confusen, from Old French confus, perplexed, from Latin cōnfūsus, past participle of cōnfundere, to mix together; see confound.]

con·fus′a·ble adj.
con·fus′ing·ly adv.
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Adj.1.confusable - so similar as to be easily identified for another thing; "potentially confusable senses of words"; "easily mistakable signals"
similar - marked by correspondence or resemblance; "similar food at similar prices"; "problems similar to mine"; "they wore similar coats"
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Asagba, An Improved Framework for Diagnosing Confusable Diseases Using Neutrosophic Based Neural Network, Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, 16 (2017), 28-34.
Here, the Yanny/Laurel sound is meant to be ambiguous because each sound has a similar timing and energy content -- so in principle it's confusable.
"Here, the Yanny/Laurel sound is meant to be ambiguous because each sound has a similar timing and energy content 6 so in principle, it's confusable. All of this goes to highlight just how much the brain is an active interpreter of sensory input, and thus that the external world is less objective than we like to believe," he added, ( The Guardian reported. 
However, the high-profit margin of Dendrobium officinale has already led to an increase in the market for counterfeits and adulterants [92] mainly by other confusable species of Dendrobium [91].
The first classifying node (Model 1) is improved by multiple-kernel SVM to recognize the most confusable emotion while the subsequent classifying nodes still retain single-kernel SVM.
Where RFW has 20 or more potentially confusable words and phrases that are meaningful in every choice cycle, MM has exactly two phonemically distinct task words, the maximum necessary to provide each player with uniquely recognizable speech.
Capital manuscript L became a confusable while I had no trouble with manuscript letter Ss in cursive.
Yet there are at least half a dozen confusable cognates and cousins of 'misterie 2' that merit investigation.
However, for FA-LDA algorithm the weights of this easily separated class are small and more attention is on the confusable classes.
word maturity, word variety, and confusable words), grammar (e.g.