congealed salad

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con·gealed salad

n. Chiefly Southern US
A molded salad made of flavored gelatin and other ingredients such as chopped fruits or vegetables, cottage cheese, or marshmallows.
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Popular desserts are banana pudding, watergate salad (marshmallow, pistachio pudding, pecan, pineapple, whipped cream--no connection to Richard Nixon) and strawberry congealed salad ($1.
Her annual menu included turkey, gravy, dressing, asparagus or green beans, and congealed salad.
We cracked out enough to fill several freezer bags so we could enjoy pecans year-round in fudges, brownies, cookies, pound cakes, congealed salads, and sweet-potato souffles.
Bunny molds are perfect for congealed salads or even small individual cakes.