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1. A member of the same kind, class, or group.
2. An organism belonging to the same taxonomic genus as another organism.
3. Chemistry A compound produced in the same process that produces another, often structurally similar compound.

[From Latin, of the same race : com-, com- + genus, gener-, race; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

con′ge·ner′ic (-nĕr′ĭk), con·gen′er·ous (kən-jĕn′ər-əs, kŏn-) adj.
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Adj.1.congenerous - belonging to the same genus
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The two congenerous models have been extensively researched with a focus on identifying indicators that effectively predict burnout (e.
As with Ovid, the congenerous nature of the poets meant that Dryden understood Chaucer's faults as well as his strengths, and he concludes his discussion of what he understood to be Chaucer's imperfect meter with the empathetic conviction that "We can only say, that he liv'd in the Infancy of our Poetry, and that nothing is brought to Perfection at the first.