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Summary: Congenital defect had caused Moneb's height and weight to be much lower than his brother's
This is a rare congenital defect which occurs only in one in a million people," said Dr Santosh.
182 new births with congenital defect of any system of human body born in or referred to the above hospitals including stillbirths and abortions during the period between 1st October 2011 till 31st may 2012 were included in the study.
His son Aamir, 12, suffers from a congenital defect called syndactyly -- or in simpler terms, webbed hands.
Sarah, who was born with no left hand due to a congenital defect, has been swimming at world-class level since 1992 and holds 48 world records.
A parent's constant grief or guilt because the child was born with a congenital defect, experienced a trauma, or if the child has contracted a chronic disease which may be genetically related, can have a negative impact on the child's development.
Dubai: A 58-year-old British expatriate successfully underwent surgery at Aster Hospital Mankhool to correct a congenital defect of a displaced hip that was hampering her daily activities, her surgeon said.
"According to veterinary doctors, ectopia cordis (EC) is a congenital defect of animals in which the heart is located outside the body or abnormally in the cervical region, pectoral region, or abdomen.
A CONGENITAL defect affecting her spine has left 11-year-old Maria Joddel Manangan unable to walk.
Ectopic ureter orifice, which produces enuresis ureterica is a relatively rare congenital defect, detected and treated mainly in children.
It is hoped the detailed research will also give parents whose baby has been diagnosed with a congenital defect before birth a better understanding as to its life-expectancy so they can make important, informed decisions.
His rare congenital defect was found on Valentine's Day in 2005 after he was hit in the chest during a fight and he collapsed.

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