congenital heart defect

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Noun1.congenital heart defect - a birth defect involving the heart
septal defect - a congenital abnormality in the septum between the left and right sides of the heart
Fallot's syndrome, Fallot's tetralogy, tetralogy of Fallot - a congenital heart defect producing cyanosis; characterized by four symptoms: pulmonary stenosis and ventricular septal defect and malposition of the aorta over both ventricles and hypertrophy of the right ventricle
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Children born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) should receive early evaluation, prompt treatment and ongoing follow-up for related developmental disorders that affect brain function, according to a new American Heart Association scientific statement published in Circulation on August 28, 2012.
Twelve babies tested positive for a congenital heart defect, reported Dr.
Ruby Sanger had a heart transplant at the Freeman when she was just five months old after being born with a congenital heart defect where the organ did not form correctly.
The youngster was just three years old when he died from a congenital heart defect at Birmingham Children's Hospital in 2009.
Babies with a critical congenital heart defect (CCHD) are at significant risk of disability or death if their condition is not diagnosed soon after birth.
Hernandez was born with a congenital heart defect. She received the heart of a man who died in a car accident.
The trial challenged Ovation's position in the market for treatment of a congenital heart defect in premature infants with the only two commercial drugs available -- Indocin (indomethacin for injection) and Neoprofen (ibuprofen lysine).
Insufficient supplying with the modern diagnostic equipment of the children clinics also results in reduced evaluation of the frequency of congenital heart defect incidence.
The incidence of any congenital heart defect was 28.5% in nonusers vs.
The incidence of any congenital heart defect was 28.5% in nonusers compared with 23.2% in users, for a highly significant 18.5% relative risk reduction in the women who took folic acid supplements.
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week Congenital Heart Information Network 600 North 3rd Street, First Floor Philadelphia, PA 19123 (215) 627-4034 (215) 627-4306 Fax
Houser, who was 22, had a congenital heart defect and had been on the transplant waiting list since June 1998.

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