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Noun1.erythroderma - any skin disorder involving abnormal redness
disease of the skin, skin disease, skin disorder - a disease affecting the skin
erythema - abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels (as in sunburn or inflammation)
flare - reddening of the skin spreading outward from a focus of infection or irritation
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Tsubota A, Akiyama M, Kanitakis J, et al: Mild recessive bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma due to a previously unidentified homozygous keratin 10 nonsense mutation.
Nasdaq: CLGY; Warrants: CLGYW) announced today it had commenced Phase III clinical trials on Glylorin(TM) for the treatment of non-bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, a congenital skin disease which is a subtype of congenital primary ichthyosis.
NASDAQ:CLGY; Warrants:CLGYW), with headquarters in Foster City, Thursday said it had received from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a $400,000 Orphan Drug grant for its Phase III study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the topical drug Glylorin for the treatment of congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, a disfiguring skin disease.

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