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1. Of or relating to a condition that is present at birth, as a result of either heredity or environmental influences: a congenital heart defect; congenital syphilis.
2. Usage Problem Being or having an essential characteristic as if by nature; inherent or inveterate: "the congenital American optimism that denies conflicts and imagines all stories having happy endings" (Robert J. Samuelson).

[From Latin congenitus : com-, com- + genitus, born, past participle of gignere, to bear; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

con·gen′i·tal·ly adv.
Usage Note: The Usage Panel is divided evenly on the use of congenital to mean "inveterate." In our 2008 survey, only 50 percent accepted this word in a sentence with the phrase "the most congenital skeptic."
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خَلْقِيا، مُنْذُ الوِلادَه
od narození
frá fæîingu; aî eîlisfari
od narodenia
anadan doğmadoğuştan


[kənˈdʒenɪtlɪ] ADVcongénitamente
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[kənˈdʒɛnɪtəli] adv
(MEDICINE)de naissance
congenitally deaf → sourd(e) de naissance
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adv (Med) deaf, blind, disabledvon Geburt an; obeseanlagebedingt; (fig) lazy, incapable, stupid, optimistic, dishonestvon Natur aus
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(kənˈdʒenitl) adjective
(of diseases or deformities) existing at or before birth.
conˈgenitally adverb
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I can't do it any other way, for you are both congenitally unable to understand a philosophic abstraction."
A good cause might turn the scale with me, for may not I too be of an exceptional brain, congenitally?
He declared that she was congenitally incapable of forming a single letter worthy of the least of Milton's words; but she persisted; and again he suddenly threw himself into the task of teaching her with a combination of stormy intensity, concentrated patience, and occasional bursts of interesting disquisition on the beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny, of human handwriting.
In addition, because there is no reliable way to determine whether infants acquired Zika virus through the mother or through vertical transmission, assessing the proportion of congenitally infected infants or vertical transmission-infected infants who have neurodevelopmental disabilities and defects is not possible, they said.
The objectives of the study were to compare the speed of the central nervous system and coordination between motor and sensory systems in congenitally total blind people and visually normal subjects using simple auditory reaction time.
In this case report, we describe a rare case of incidentally detected congenitally absent left circumflex artery.
Even so, the Punjab chief minister, duly hatted, felt obliged to scoot off to Kasur no doubt in the conviction that Lahore was not big enough for both himself and Asif Zardari, while Punjab Assembly's special session was attended by reportedly just 45 out of 371 legislators.Our political elite, though apparently congenitally lacking in nation-building qualities, are distinguished in one aspect, they are all leaders of the Big Mouth, speaking loudly but carrying an extremely small stick to back up their hyperbole.
In most adults it does not cause serious illness, but it can cause blindness and mental retardation in congenitally infected children.BACTERIAL INFECTIONS"The results of this study demonstrate the presence of potential zoonotic pathogens in frozen RMBDs that may be a possible source of bacterial infections in pet animals and, if transmitted, pose a risk for human beings," said Dr Paul Overgaauw, co-author of the new research from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
Russell, "Congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors and orthodontic treatment considerations for the single-tooth implant," Journal-Canadian Dental Association, vol.
KFS may be associated with other deformities, including Sprengel deformity (a congenitally high scapula), scoliosis, hearing impairment, congenital heart disease, lung defects, and genitourinary malformation [13,14].
For his part, a congenitally surly and role-flouting male actor also got on the wrong side of public opinion.
Two more doses were given and the patient aborted a 250 g, dead, congenitally malformed abortus after six doses of misoprostol.

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