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 (kŏn-glō′bāt′, kŏng′glō-)
tr.v. con·glo·bat·ed, con·glo·bat·ing, con·glo·bates
To form into a globe or ball.

[Latin conglobāre, conglobāt- : com-, com- + globus, ball.]

con·glo′bate adj.
con′glo·ba′tion n.


formal in the form of a globe or ball
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In Italy, World War I favored an immense production of war songs among the troops, but such creativity was conglobated, sterilized and stifled by the Fascist Regime, the result being a very different musical behavior in World War II.
Among them precipitation polymerization method is the easiest one, and it can overcome the drawbacks of the other methods with obtaining size-uniformed and conglobated microspheres.