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tr.v. con·globed, con·glob·ing, con·globes
To conglobate.


(kənˈɡləʊb) ;


to gather or form into a globe or ball


(kɒnˈgloʊ beɪt, kɒŋ-, ˈkɒŋ gloʊˌbeɪt)

adj., v. -bat•ed, -bat•ing. adj.
1. formed into a ball.
v.t., v.i.
2. to collect into a ball.
con•glo′bate•ly, adv.
con`glo•ba′tion, n.
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Verb1.conglobe - assume a globular shape
form - assume a form or shape; "the water formed little beads"
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The above passage tells that a conglobed, backward-rolling vortex is like a moon or a universe, "Or like a human form, a friend with whom [one] livd benevolent." Within the context of Milton, the curiously regretful afterthought recalls Hayley, Blake's patron whose benevolence he eventually rejected.