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 (kən-grăch′ə-lāt′, -grăj′-, kəng-)
tr.v. con·grat·u·lat·ed, con·grat·u·lat·ing, con·grat·u·lates
To express one's joy or good wishes to (someone) regarding that person's achievement or good fortune: congratulated her on her promotion.

[Latin congrātulārī, congrātulāt- : com-, com- + grātulārī, to rejoice (from grātus, pleasing; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots).]

con·grat′u·la′tor n.
con·grat′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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He said that congratulator tweet of Prime Minister Imran Khan to Minister of Power Umar Ayub Khan for overcoming the electricity load shedding is the biggest lie of this century.
"The successful outcomes of large-scale reforms and transformations confidently carried out under your leadership towards ensuring dynamic development of your country, primarily raising the living standard and quality of the population's life, creating modern industry and infrastructure are praiseworthy," he said in the congratulator message.
Devils agitator Louis Robitaille was the most gracious congratulator during the postgame handshakes, and he had a longer-than-usual conversation with the Sharks' Danny Groulx.
Two don'ts: Don't ever use a compliment as a springboard for a bout of narcissism; and secondly, even if you're embarrassed at the recognition, don't attempt to sneak through the situation without properly acknowledging the good will of the congratulator.
libertarian than the congratulator of the Hollywood studios that applied