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One who congregates, especially a member of a group of people gathered for religious worship.


(Judaism) a member of a congregation, esp a Jewish congregation


(ˈkɒŋ grɪ gənt)

a person who is part of a congregation.
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Noun1.congregant - a member of a congregation (especially that of a church or synagogue)
church member, churchgoer - a religious person who goes to church regularly


[ˈkɒŋgrɪgənt] (mainly US) nfidèle mf
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According to the Portland Tribune, for the transfer of possession to be legal under Oregon law, the congregant also "should have undergone a background check at a licensed gun dealer while Lucas was present.
These two men, shoulder to shoulder with no one entering around them and walking down the aisle and meeting congregant after congregant.
THE AWARD-WINNING environmental ministry of Haygood United Methodist Church in Atlanta got started in 2007, when the climate gave congregant and stay-at-home mom Willa Paton-Smith a wake-up call.
For example, a congregant may never be able to say "no" to pastors or church leaders, or they may never be able to assert themselves or question anything.
According to Lewis, pastor Mario Raynard Howell directed Lewis to an alleged "financial advisor" and fellow congregant who promised to save her home from foreclosure.
Some clergy have taken this advice to heart and now will no longer give a congregant a hug or engage in counseling.
A distance that has historically stood between pastor and congregant, a distinct sense of "otherness," between minister and ministered, is being breached.
The verdict ended a stretch of emotional testimony, including the recording of a 911 call made by survivor Polly Sheppard, a 72-year-old Emanuel AME congregant.
According to Variety, one of the film's producers, Mike Karz, is a longtime congregant at Temple Sinai, and Wolpe told him about the book before it was published.
The arguments brought forth in this study stem from the Maller's position as a lay congregant.
Catherine Church in Bethlehem, congregant Victor Zoughbi prayed, "not just for the people in Gaza but also for those in Tel Aviv," Zoughbi told Catholic News Service.