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There's a lot of disappointment, people being angry and sad at the same time," said Roy Wright, a gay congregant who has been meeting with fellow members about the firing.
David's congregant Barbara Aguirre, 36, of Pasadena also supported Poch.
Two New York rabbis who revealed personal information about a congregant cannot be held financially responsible for breaking confidence, according to the state's high court.
We are thrilled to be able to share with them a program we've underwritten here in Los Angeles that introduces music and congregant participation at religious services to reach out to young adults and help them get in touch with their Jewish heritage.
The 300-year-old Torah was created by scribes in Jerusalem and was purchased recently by Jeff and Joyce Stein as a tribute to Jeff's mother, Rae, a congregant who died this year.
Some clergy have taken this advice to heart and now will no longer give a congregant a hug or engage in counseling.
A distance that has historically stood between pastor and congregant, a distinct sense of "otherness," between minister and ministered, is being breached.
Catherine Church in Bethlehem, congregant Victor Zoughbi prayed, "not just for the people in Gaza but also for those in Tel Aviv," Zoughbi told Catholic News Service.
But when fellow congregant Al Ponce walked into the temple bearing a new Torah, a tribute four months in the making was revealed and the tears began to flow.
However, it also is considering a range of investments, including retirement, congregant care and nursing home facilities; suburban, well located office buildings; and anchored shopping centers.
Each congregant in attendance will receive a special envelope emblazoned with the words "God Trusts You
The arguments brought forth in this study stem from the Maller's position as a lay congregant.