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tr. & intr.v. con·gre·gat·ed, con·gre·gat·ing, con·gre·gates
To bring or come together in a group, crowd, or assembly. See Synonyms at gather.
adj. (-gĭt)
Involving a group: congregate living facilities for senior citizens.

[Middle English congregaten, from Latin congregāre, congregāt- : com-, com- + gregāre, to assemble (from grex, greg-, herd; see ger- in Indo-European roots).]

con′gre·ga′tive adj.
con′gre·ga′tor n.
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Noun1.congregating - the act of congregating
gathering, assemblage, assembly - the social act of assembling; "they demanded the right of assembly"
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Police were called to the children's hospital, in West Derby, yesterday afternoon to reports of youths congregating near the fence that surrounds the helipad.
Officers are working with Translink after groups of more than 100 youths began congregating at Dunmurry Halt in West Belfast.
A spokesman for the neighbourhood policing team said: "We have had no complaints from businesses or local residents with regards to youths congregating at this location.
Youths have been seen congregating in the area, and officers are keen to point out the dangers of being next to the lines.
Some 30,000 people marched through the streets of Barcelona on Wednesday after congregating at around 12pm.
Summary: SHARJAH - As the spiritual month of Ramadan approaches, the Ministry of Health is to launch a blood donation drive targeting the worshippers congregating at mosques.
The six-month order allows police to disperse groups of two or more people seen congregating in the area.
The Kingsgate is playing music by composers such as Bach and Mozart through speakers installed at the entrance on King Street to discourage young people from congregating.
Other concerns include light pollution, noise and nuisance from young people congregating.
The inventor of a device aimed at deterring hoodies from congregating in public spaces is considering selling a stake in his business.
Residents at the meeting said the loitering has abated somewhat in recent days, but the congregating of young people is not as much of a problem, they said, as the "foul language" the loiterers use, which passers-by have to put up with.
For the next six months, Warwickshire Police will use powers granted by Warwick District Council to stop gangs congregating in the Queensway area of Leamington.