congressional district

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Congressional district

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the US) an electoral division of a state, entitled to send one member to the US House of Representatives

Congres′sional dis′trict

a division of a U.S. state, electing one member to the U.S. House of Representatives.
[1805–15, Amer.]
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Noun1.congressional district - a territorial division of a state; entitled to elect one member to the United States House of Representatives
district, territorial dominion, territory, dominion - a region marked off for administrative or other purposes
American state - one of the 50 states of the United States

Congressional district

n (US Pol) → Kongresswahlbezirk m
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Texas lawmakers have designed a congressional district that is so slippery that neither political party can hang onto it, and where it is impossible for anyone to stay in office long enough to build up enough clout to get much of anything done for the folks at home.
The steady rise in its population has put an enormous strain on the lone congressional office's capability to serve its constituents considering that a congressional district is designed to serve a population of only 250,000," Mercado said.
Among the Democratic Party's top candidates with military service are Suzanne Patrick in Virginia's defense-heavy 2nd Congressional District, Jerry Cannon in Michigan's rural 1st Congressional District and Strouse in Pennsylvania.
After the (generally Republican) state legislatures redrew congressional district boundaries in response to the 2010 census, the Republicans had a significant advantage in House elections.
The first volume in the new series Health in America, this resource examines diabetes nationally and in each state, US territory, and congressional district.
For each state and congressional district, NAICU calculated the number of awards and total dollar amounts distributed through Pell Grants, the campus-based programs (SEOG, Federal Work-Study, and Perkins Loans), and federal loans.
Congressman Tom Perriello, a onetime Catholic missionary and human rights activist, lost his bid for re-election in Virginia's 5th Congressional District.
California's 14th Congressional District, located between San Francisco and San Jose, is highest among congressional districts.
Nebraska, with five votes, and Maine are the only states that divide their electoral votes by congressional district.

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