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First, this study collected data only from the supplier's side, but cognitive congruence, overlapping knowledge, and trust, as part of supplier development, are dyadic phenomena.
Foreign Minister underlines GCC congruence toward Iranian nuclear file.
This low sexual congruence may be especially common among younger individuals.
1) Gantry, Isocentric Accuracy, ource head Capacity, Source and Strength, Collimator, Treatment Modes, Field Size, Penumbra, Optical and Radiation Field Congruence.
The agreement comes as Tamwily seeks to integrate Shari'ah compliance in its offerings to customers as well as high value added Shari'ah assurance to all clients for whom dealings in congruence to their faith is a high priority.
Speaking to Petra on the occasion of his country's national day, Al-Kaabi pointed out the political cooperation and the congruence of views between the two countries regarding various regional and international issues, stressing, "We will continue to consolidate relations with Jordan under the directives of both countries' leaders".
Yet without all three elements in agreement, harmony and congruence, the organization will be unable to attain truly great results.
A lot of problems result from the lack of congruence between the life you want and the life you actually live.
The P-O fit has often been conceptualized in terms of value congruence and goal congruence (Kristof-Brown, 1996; Muchinsky & Monahan, 1987).
Lead researcher Craig Roberts from Stirling's Division of Psychology, said that the congruence of women's pill use throughout the relationship had a greater influence on sexual satisfaction levels than either simply being on the pill or not being on the pill.
The congruence of these aspects of teacher quality is important to a more equitable view of teaching.
TEAM has continued the Connector's evolution in congruence with the evolution of WebCenter Content and the Google Search Appliance.