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 (kŏng′gro͞o-ən-sē, kən-gro͞o′-)
n. pl. con·gru·en·cies


(ˈkɒŋ gru əns, kənˈgru-, kəŋ-)

1. the quality or state of agreeing or corresponding.
2. a relation between two numbers in which the numbers give the same remainder when divided by a given number.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin]
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Just like I discovered these beautiful congruencies when I went for my first foreign trip ever.
These congruencies may lead some to believe the transportation plan is an ideological document that was prepared in lockstep with conventional green wisdom.
Beyond strategic congruencies, Lissitzky and Nanney share a commitment to self-determination: the former with his likening of the artist's brushwork to a "symbol of a new world" and the latter as a practitioner of sigil craft's self-actualizing intentionality.
Each collection pair was presented four times, two in ascending order and two in descending order, yielding a total of 48 collection pairs to be compared (3 collection pairs X 2 sizes X 2 congruencies X 2 presentations).
Among the topics are axioms in number theory, congruencies and groups, rational numbers and real numbers, polygons and their construction, and tessellations.
8220;I found ActionCOACH through an ad in Success Magazine and once I contacted the company I knew the congruencies between the values and culture of ActionCOACH and myself were there.
Congruencies in advertising with the viewers are processed though the peripheral route such that the affection is transferred directly toward the ad judgment (Leach and Liu, 1998).
In an effort to overcome the tendency toward isolationism in the practice of biblical criticism, each methodological assessment aims to highlight congruencies or similarities with other criticisms.