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 (kŏng′gro͞o-ən-sē, kən-gro͞o′-)
n. pl. con·gru·en·cies


(ˈkɒŋ gru əns, kənˈgru-, kəŋ-)

1. the quality or state of agreeing or corresponding.
2. a relation between two numbers in which the numbers give the same remainder when divided by a given number.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin]
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The investigation of congruency between the projected and perceived image will be processed in three steps as follows:
Performance evaluation = [b.sub.0] + [b.sup.1]ST Congruency + [b.sup.2]BSC FP Avg + [b.sub.3]BSC CP Avg + [b.sub.4]BSC PI Avg + [b.sub.5]BSC LGP Avg
However, in 1998, Chelladurai and Riemer noted that the majority of research concerning the leadership behavior congruency hypothesis of the MML had incorporated difference scores in their analysis.
Reference image Lena is shown in Fig 2.Edge detection is done using phase congruency method; this image (Lena) information is shown in Fig.
CT (computed tomography) is often used to evaluate DRUJ congruency. Several different methods have been described, including the Mino method, (14) the congruency method, (15) and the radioulnar ratio method.
If both regions are colonised near-simultaneously directly from Island Southeast Asia, we should expect a fair amount of archaeological congruency. Whether this is indeed the case remains a subject for investigation.
This study investigated the level of congruency between scores on the Self-Directed Search--Form R (J.
Experiment 2 manipulated the size of attentional focus in addition to WM load and the response congruency between the relevant and irrelevant features of Stroop stimuli.
The IRS realigned its Industries and territories to improve geographic congruency and increased the use of cross-Industry tax examinations as a way of balancing the workload across the various Industries and posts-of-duty.
As a former laser operator, he also finds the software very good for congruency challenges: "handling the small but vital differences between the 'perfect' world of the CAD file and the real world, which includes things like springback."
While it's not funded by the government, NHK's complex role as a public broadcaster seems to entail some congruency with the government's agenda --that is to develop a complete digital broadcast system.