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Of, relating to, or shaped like a cone.

con′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.conically - in a conical manner; "conically shaped"
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You approach it from the sea by a narrow entrance, flanked on each side by two small twin islets which soar conically to the height of some five hundred feet.
A special feature of this system is the Ventur tower with octagonal ground plan, which is composed of precast concrete parts running conically to the height.
Additionally, the proximal portion of the Wagner stem has a 2[degrees] taper that is inserted into a conically reamed femur creating a "cone within a cone" design to provide additional axial stability.
He comes across as a well-bred, educated, sharp witted and conically savvy professional who is perhaps still grappling with the burden of being a scion of the Nehru Gandhi family and the hope of a billion people, as they say.
An angled, conically shaped tunnel gate, also known as a subgate or submarine gate, is one of the best--and worst--types of gating methods.
Other devices create elongational flow in conically or hyperbolically shaped nozzles or other mixing elements.
The conically shaped active site is ~15 A deep with the catalytic zinc situated at the base.
The tips were shaped either conically, like black volcanoes, or were laid out in broad strips, following the contours of the mountain sides, just as the houses did.
When the bullet base tapers conically, rather than ending after a small radius, we call it a boattail bullet.