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Of, relating to, or shaped like a cone.

con′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.conically - in a conical manner; "conically shaped"
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You approach it from the sea by a narrow entrance, flanked on each side by two small twin islets which soar conically to the height of some five hundred feet.
An angled, conically shaped tunnel gate, also known as a subgate or submarine gate, is one of the best--and worst--types of gating methods.
Other devices create elongational flow in conically or hyperbolically shaped nozzles or other mixing elements.
y otros tres autores, Numerical simulation of conduction heating in conically shaped bodies, Journal of Food Process and Engineering, 25, 539-550 (2003)
3 One nadir beam and a second beam scanning conically around nadir CRS 0.
The tips were shaped either conically, like black volcanoes, or were laid out in broad strips, following the contours of the mountain sides, just as the houses did.
When the bullet base tapers conically, rather than ending after a small radius, we call it a boattail bullet.
But the experts at MULTIVAC developed a perfect solution for this problem - in the form of a conically shaped vacuum pack with a fl at base.
The product's features allow difficult machining tasks, such as drilling conically tapered holes and drum-shaped holes, as well as micro-precision machining of difficult-to-cut, hard or brittle materials.
Shape: Hexagonal With All The Sides Conically Tapered Towards Top And The Remaining Towards Bottom.
These features enable difficult machining tasks such as conically tapered holes and holes tapering toward the centre.
Leaf margins (and sometimes the entire dorsal leaf surface) toothed by conically projecting cells with thick-walled tips 31 30.