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A conic section.

[New Latin cōnicus, from Greek kōnikos, from kōnos, cone; see kō- in Indo-European roots.]

co·nic′i·ty (kə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


(Mathematics) the state of being conical
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The agreement includes at least the following track measurements, inspections and services - Track geometry, including the geometry of the measuring gear,- Measurement of the static contact line position,- Rail Contouring, wave measurement (wavelength of 30 to 1 000 mm)- Calculation of the effective conicity,- The bearing housing and the wagon body acceleration measurement,- Describing the view of the driver,- The measurement and reporting of inspection results.
Tire uniformity measurement specifications include radial and lateral force variation, harmonics, conicity and runout, to name a few.
However, measurements of these profiles by the standard, highly accurate radial method showed that this conicity error is only virtual
This is confirmed by the experimental data, presented in (3), which indicates that the resultant effect of the conicity of the crucible on the movement of the melt is not strong.
It was shown that the dynamic instability of railway vehicle bogies and wheelsets is caused by the combined action of the conicity of the wheels and the creep forces acting between the wheels and the rails.