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 (kō′nē-ēn′) also co·nine (-nēn′)
A poisonous colorless liquid alkaloid, C8H17N, found in the poison hemlock.

[Late Latin cōnium, conium; see conium + -ine.]
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Renewable energy might be a valuable ideal, says Conine Koehler, a stockbroker and former city council president, but it cannot be isolated from Pueblo's broader conversation.
Jeff Conine of the Marlins had just one All-Star at bat, in 1995.
Although previous studies have evaluated the roles and attitudes of occupational therapy practitioners related to sexuality, limited research exists describing the inclusion of sexuality in occupational therapy education in the United States (Conine, Christie, Hammond, & Smith-Minton, 1979; Evans, 1985).
Although HRD is evident in various levels and forms of organizations, there is a tendency for researchers to favour large organizations study (Hill & Stewart, 2000; Rowden & Conine, 2005).
Had eight OF assists, sixth-most cheap nfl jerseys from china by rookie Club history, behind Kotsay , Jeff Conine , Giancarlo , , and Todd Dunwoody … led to NFC-best 13 record a turnaround before the Cowboys lost to Green Bay the playoffs.
(22.) Sharma U, Conine CC, Shea JM, Boskovic A, Derr AG, Bing XY, et al.
"Visual search is just one example of the many ways Wayfair is leveraging artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to reinvent the shopping experience for our customers," said Wayfair co-founder Steve Conine in a statement.
Barry Bonds, Don Mattingly, Andre Dawson, and Tony Perez all spoke to us in a special at-the-ballpark session, and Jeff Conine, Juan Pierre, and Jack McKeon regaled us in a session at the hotel.
Marlin?" without hesitation you will get the response, "Jeff Conine," who starred with the team for eight seasons.
* In June, former University of Illinois soccer player Casey Conine filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming that in October 2014 she was left in a game and was never evaluated after banging heads with another player and receiving a concussion, and that two weeks later she was put back on the field without the university-mandated clearance from a physician.
The stability of these admixtures can be affected by a number of factors such as storage temperature, reconstitution solvent and the nature of the container (Conine et al., 1978; Florey, 1976; Yamana and Tsnji, 1976).