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1. conjugation.
2. conjunction.
3. conjunctive.
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Using the negative control bacterial genomes in the in-house LiPA, only bands pertaining to Ampli control and Conj control indicated the blue-purple precipitate on the strip.
(2) Se oigke agkas sah-p om~ast ussust ella-ma this righteous PTCL SAA-3SG own:ELA faith:ELA live-SUP Der Gerechte aber wird deb Glaubens leben (COLE, Stahl 1638) 'But the righteous will live by faith' (3) Ninck tem~a sah-p temma wasto tull - a kudt ux Em~a and s/he SAA-3SG s/he.GEN POSTP come-INF CONJ ART mother Vnd sie wird jhm begegnen wie eine Mutter (COLE, Stahl 1638) 'And she will meet him like a mother' The implementation of the German werden future construction in Estonian in 17th-century religious texts can be seen as a case of forced grammaticalization, where stages in the natural grammaticalization process were skipped and a highly grammaticalized construction was quickly established (see Metslang 2017).
Abreviaturas 1 = 1a pessoa do singular; 2 = 2a pessoa do singular; 3 = 3a pessoa do singular; ACU = acusativo; CAUS = causativo; CONJ = conjuncao; CONT = continuativo; DAT = dativo; ENF = enfatico; ERG = ergativo; INTENS = intensificador; LOC = locativo; MAL = malefactivo; NOM = nominativo; NPr = nome proprio; PAS = passado; PFV = perfectivo; PL = plural; REL = relacional.
Thus, Table 1 has helped to translate the analysis of Figure 3 to account-able forms for proper calibration of the recurrence of the groups in 'below the clause.' The study has also used the bar chart (Berg, & Howard, 2012; Dalamu, 2018) in Figure 3 to demonstrate the frequency of VG, NG, Adv G, Prep G, and Conj G, as advertisers have deployed the terminologies for persuasion.
(4) ((CODE <T03990_^Temp_B1.9.4>)) ((CODE <T03990000100,0.1>) (LATIN (FW DE) (FW TEMPORIBUS) (FW ANNI)) (ID cotempo,^Temp:0.1.2)) ((IP-MAT (PP (ADVP-LOC (ADVAL Her)) (P aefter)) (VBPI fyligd) (NP-NOM (NUM^N an) (Q^N lytel) (N^N cwyde) (CP-REL *ICH*-1)) (PP (P be) (NP-DAT (ADJ^D gearlicum) (N^D tidum))) (, .) (CODE <T03990000200,0.2>) (CP-REL-1 (WNP-NOM-2 (D^N paet) (C 0) (IP-SUB-0 (NP-NOM *T*-2) (NEG+BEPI nis) (PP (P to) (NP-DAT (NAD spelle))) (VBN geteald)) (IP-SUB (CONJP (CONJ ac) (IPX-SUB-C0N=0 (ADVP (ADV elles)) (IP-INF (TO to) (VB^D roedenne) (NP-DAT (D^D pam) (CP-REL (WNP-3 0) (C de) (IP-SUB (NP *T*-3) (NP-NOM (PRO^N hit)) (VBPI licao))))))))) (.
ka arhi=ksi ma-teru tsimani / tsima-rani chuchundiecha janhari-s-ti CONJ DEM=3PL.SUJ INDEF-other two /two-DEF glass-PL dirty-PFVO-3IND
like n.1; like adj., adv., prep., and conj., and n.2; like v.1; like v.2).
His investigations were as follows: WBC: 4.32, Hb: 11.3, PLT: 184, LDH: 807, TBIL: 31, Conj.Bil: 0, ALT: 39, AST: 32, and ALKP: 66.
Abbreviations used ART article CONJ conjunction FEM feminine NEG negation PART 1-participle PPL person plural PSG person singular REFL reflexive pronoun References
Seidenglanz conj tinues that the NCW is relatively 'agnostic' regarding the SATCOM terminals which can use it.
p be conj Afellay teed him up and the Spaniard took one touch before scoring from just outside the area into the bottom corner.
Wow be wel some you di a talen somet simpl an am dinne yours other wishin them, t factor a what you than wha Y is for Yoga If this conjures up a picture of someone upside down with their legs wrapped around their neck, think If this conj of someone with their le around their again.