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Noun1.conjugal visitation - the legal right in a prison for the inmate and spouse to have sexual intercourse
legal right - a right based in law
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Defined as unsupervised visits that permit sexual contact between inmates and their spouses, conjugal visitation is an unbalanced development in Western countries.
While many states have adopted conjugal visitation programs to further promote family relations, Ohio has not found that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and financial cost to prison administrators, families of offenders and the community.
While conjugal visitation is mostly advocated to assist the offender in maintaining strong family bonds, the usefulness of the program in promoting this goal has not been clearly established.
The risk to individuals who participate in conjugal visitation is not limited to dysfunctional family interactions.
In the area of due process, prisoners have asserted that there exists a constitutional right to conjugal visitation while imprisoned.
44) In the alternative, the inmate claimed that the regulation unconstitutionally classified which facilities would offer the conjugal visitation program and which inmates from those facilities would be allowed to participate in such a program.
46) Any classification created by the conjugal visitation program, according to the district judge, would have been reasonable, since there was no suspect class and the classification did not burden a fundamental right.
200) The court maintained that the Hernandez court intended to reject only the narrow right to conjugal visitation.
284) In support of this argument, prisons administrators could rely on court decisions finding that blanket prohibitions on prisoners' rights to procreation, (285) contact visitation, (286) and conjugal visitation are not overly restrictive.
Conjugal visitation programs allow inmates and their spouses personal time together on prison grounds during which they may engage in sexual intercourse (Hensley, Rutland, Gray-Ray and Durant, forthcoming; Rutland, 1995; Hopper, 1989, 1969; Kent, 1975).
In 1974, the conjugal visitation program was expanded to include a three-day family visit.
Does participation in conjugal visitations reduce prison violence in Mississippi?