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Of or relating to marriage or the relationship of spouses.

[Latin coniugālis, from coniūnx, coniug-, spouse, from coniungere, to join in marriage; see conjoin.]

con′ju·gal′i·ty (-găl′ĭ-tē) n.
con′ju·gal·ly adv.
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The state of being united as husband and wife:
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van der Luyden were so exactly alike that Archer often wondered how, after forty years of the closest conjugality, two such merged identities ever separated themselves enough for anything as controversial as a talking-over.
Breaking with this vicious circle occurs with facilitating factors such as women's attitudes, ranging from self-voidance and beliefs and expectations of their conjugality in years of humiliation or anger over an abused child to the perception of increased in violence and the imminent risk of death (13-15).
On the other, the mulata appears as producing social dissent, marked by immorality outside conjugality. While the version of national identity based on supposed ethnic harmony grants the mulato men the possibility of agency in constructing the country and, to some extent, his destiny, the mulata woman is limited to being an object of desire, mainly for white men.
And I use these understandings of contemporary conjugality to rethink the lived experience of the AIDS epidemic in a time of treatment, where death from the virus is nonetheless a real, persistent possibility.
"The final and highest test of the supremacy of Hindu conjugality was the proven past capacity for self-immolation by widows.
However, we have limited knowledge about women-centric cinema that delves into the realms of conjugality and widowhood to unmask the dogmatic social practices that exclude women's voices.
This presumption in favor of conjugality is rebuttable, but only with a strong, clear and convincing evidence; there must be a strict proof of exclusive ownership of one of the spouses, and the burden of proof rests upon the party asserting it.
Once you have ample resources and you have established a solid foundation for the above-mentioned factors, that is the time where you invest and take things to a whole new level through marriage by taking and enduring more risks like a factor of conjugality in hopes of being able to achieve greater returns-in this case, to be with your partner for the rest of your life.
'Conjugality is based on individual's perception and a matter of choice.
In addition to portraying these men's notions of conjugality as relics of a bygone age, Grant and Dreiser also oppose the rigid structure of their desire to the radically open-ended form exhibited by their heroines.