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a. The act of conjugating.
b. The state of being conjugated.
2. Grammar
a. The inflection of a particular verb.
b. A presentation of the complete set of inflected forms of a verb.
c. A class of verbs having similar inflected forms.
3. Biology
a. The temporary union of two bacterial cells during which one cell transfers part or all of its genome to the other.
b. A process of sexual reproduction in which ciliate protozoans of the same species temporarily couple and exchange genetic material.
c. A process of sexual reproduction in certain algae and fungi in which temporary or permanent fusion occurs, resulting in the union of the male and female gametes.

con′ju·ga′tion·al adj.
con′ju·ga′tion·al·ly adv.
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Of, relating to, or tending to produce combination:
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We hypothesised that since Acriflavine has a negative influence on plasmids, maybe it could have similar negative effects on conjugational transfer too.
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The reason is clear when we know that Hopi has abundant conjugational and lexical means of expressing duration, intensity, and tendency directly as such, and that major grammatical patterns do not, as with us, provide analogies for an imaginary space.
It should be noted that the initial diagnoses at the time of the admission of patients were not intrauterine infections but conjugational and/or neonatal jaundice.
Furthermore, conjugational transfer of antibiotic resistance genes across bacterial species and genera has amplified the problem of antibiotic resistance among pathogenic organisms.
Conjugational commitment is the sense of adhering to the family and to its members, whilst sadness and happiness, pleasant and unpleasant life events, and is a commitment founded on sentiments and affection, and also based on the intention and purpose [14].
CroDeriV is a novel lexical and morphological resource of Croatian, consisting of approximately 14 000 verb lemmas which are segmented according to their derivational and conjugational affixes as well as infinitival endings, e.g.
Since the neighborhood density effects found for regular verbs in the naming task described above did not differ from the ones found for irregular verbs (both conjugational classes, -ar and -ir), these findings seem consistent with the predictions of the single mechanism account hypotheses for the processing behavior of inflected regular and irregular Preterite forms in the naming task.
Krejnovic (1958) himself did not specifically express himself with respect to this question, merely giving the negative conjugational paradigm.
Also in [10] conjugational characteristics were used to compress dictionaries' data while in [11,12] there was an attempt to construct a library of general programmers but still incomplete and did not cover most known technical compression as it remained poor in adapting Arabic characteristics.