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 (kən-jŭngkt′, kŏn′jŭngkt′)
1. Joined together; united.
2. Acting in association; combined: "the conjunct ... influences of fire and strong drink" (Thomas Love Peacock).
3. Music Of or relating to successive tones of the scale, moving step by step: conjunct motion; a conjunct melody.
n. (kŏn′jŭngkt′)
1. One that is in conjunction or association with another.
2. Logic One of the components of a conjunction.

[Middle English, from Latin coniūnctus, past participle of coniungere, to join together; see conjoin.]

con·junct′ly adv.


(kənˈdʒʌŋkt; ˈkɒndʒʌŋkt)
1. joined; united
2. (Music, other) music relating to or denoting two adjacent degrees of a scale
(Logic) logic one of the propositions or formulas in a conjunction
[C15: from Latin conjunctus, from conjugere to unite; see conjoin]
conˈjunctly adv


(adj. kənˈdʒʌŋkt, ˈkɒn dʒʌŋkt; n. ˈkɒn dʒʌŋkt)

1. bound in close association; conjoined; united: conjunct influences.
2. formed by conjunction.
3. progressing melodically by intervals of a second: the conjunct motion of an ascending scale.
4. a person or thing conjoined with another.
[1425–75; late Middle English (past participle) < Latin conjunctus, past participle of conjungere to join together; see conjoin]
con•junct′ly, adv.
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Adj.1.conjunct - progressing melodically by intervals of a second; "conjunct motion of an ascending scale"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
disjunct - progressing melodically by intervals larger than a major second
2.conjunct - bound in close association; "conjunct influences"; "conjunct ideas"
united - characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity; "presented a united front"
3.conjunct - involving the joint activity of two or more; "concerted action"; "the conjunct influence of fire and strong wind"; "the conjunctive focus of political opposition"; "a cooperative effort"; "a united effort"; "joint military activities"
joint - united or combined; "a joint session of Congress"; "joint owners"


[kənˈdʒʌŋkt] ADJ (Astron) → en conjunción


adj (= joined)verbunden; (= combined)vereint, gemeinsam; (Jur) → befangen
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And the better those are who are governed the better also is the government, as for instance of man, rather than the brute creation: for the more excellent the materials are with which the work is finished, the more excellent certainly is the work; and wherever there is a governor and a governed, there certainly is some work produced; for whatsoever is composed of many parts, which jointly become one, whether conjunct or separate, evidently show the marks of governing and governed; and this is true of every living thing in all nature; nay, even in some things which partake not of life, as in music; but this probably would be a disquisition too foreign to our present purpose.
Fioritura, on the other hand, is rapid conjunct changes, where the magnitude of change intrinsically is less, but the speed of change is increased.
system: that a claimant wins if the probability of each conjunct element
In a 1958 article for La Revue musicale, critic Francoise Gervais cites the ornament's conjunct motion, independence from harmony, and the prevalence of triplets.
For more call 09050 700 443 Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 THE power house that is Mars moving ever closer to Saturn in your sign, formally conjunct on the 24th, is creating a ball of energy you can direct to some monumental change, but where?
The second type of obligatory XVS structures attested in the corpora occurs when the preverbal trigger is an enumerative listing conjunct (Quirk et al.
Richard Allen, director of the University of California's Berkeley Seismological Lab, which developed the app in conjunct with Deutsche Telekom's Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, appealed to smartphone users to download the tool, saying "we need your help.
The almost jocund march-like rhythm and conjunct melody of this selection provided a refreshing contrast to the sweeping, almost symphonic grandeur of the Rachmaninoff, wrote DeCristofaro.
It partitions a set of objects into classes using IF < conjunct / hypothesis > THEN < result > rules.
Distinguishing differences among inoculated crops with and without bacteria in conjunct with and without nitrogen were visible by eyes after 3 days and become clearer at 7th day presented in Fig.
Throughout, the horn part is interesting and fun: the range is less than three octaves (d # to cm), the few highest pitches are approached by conjunct motion, the tessitura is modest, and particularly considering this is a trio, rest is adequate.