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n. pl. con·junc·ti·vas or con·junc·ti·vae (-vē)
The mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin (membrāna) coniūnctīva, connective (membrane), feminine of Late Latin coniūnctīvus, connective, from Latin coniūnctus, past participle of coniungere, to join together; see conjoin.]

con′junc·ti′val (-vəl) adj.
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Adj.1.conjunctival - of or relating to the conjunctiva


a. conjuntivo-a, rel. a la conjuntiva;
___ diseasesenfermedades de la conjuntiva.


adj conjuntival
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Tissue adhesives of different types had been used in previous studies to attach conjunctival grafts and compared with the use of sutures were associated with a shorter operative time and reduced postoperative complaints.
15,16,17) The conjunctival grafts were positioned leaving no open scleral tissue starting from the nasal and temporal limbus, with the epithelial side up and the limbal area aligned with the limbus.
In horses, combined keratectomy, strontium-90 radiation and permanent bulbar conjunctival grafts was reported to be effective in at least 83% of the cases of corneolimbal squamous cell carcinoma (MOSUNIC et al.
Deep ulcers and descemetoceles may require conjunctival grafts or conjunctival flaps, soft contact lenses, or corneal transplant.
The surgical treatments most widely used in veterinary medicine include tarsorrhaphy, third eyelid flap, pedicle and non-pedicle conjunctival grafts, and corneoscleral transposition (GELATT & GELATT, 2001; GALERA et al.