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1. Joining; connective.
2. Joined together; combined: the conjunctive focus of political opposition.
3. Grammar
a. Of, relating to, or being a conjunction.
b. Serving to connect elements of meaning and construction within sentences, as and and since, or between sentences, as therefore.
n. Grammar
A connective word, especially a conjunction or conjunctive adverb.

con·junc′tive·ly adv.
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I believe that Nigeria is going to be peaceful, but we must work conjunctively. The indigenous vigilante groups must be ready to work with the police.
He called for the use of both old and new techniques conjunctively to explore more areas.
Having served as a board member for Northern Kane Educational Corp (charter school) for over 5 years and now serving as president of the District 300 Food Pantry, I am accustomed to delving into budgets, identifying issues, and working conjunctively with other board members and administration to contend with discrepancies.
(24) Together the Dodd-Frank and CCAR tests include both a quantitative and qualitative portion and are used conjunctively by the Federal Reserve to determine whether a financial institution has sufficient capital to continue operating through different measures of economic stress.
Indeed, as the previous discussion demonstrates, the various frames are not mutually exclusive and often work conjunctively. The stories indicate that, while certain frames may dominate, their deployment must be understood through a deeper analysis of the context to glean how a focus on culture or geography is informed by concerns for border and national security, for example.
In the present work, a genome-wide survey and literature search were therefore conjunctively employed to identify the potential key genes and signaling pathways associated with melittin in BC.
To meet this range of goals, groundwater, soil water and surface water will need to be managed conjunctively, management will likely become more tightly linked with land use and land resources planning and management, and modelling will play a key role in the development of successful and useful management plans.
Using exit consents and CACs conjunctively is riskier than the
(30) When a federal statute is on point, all three clauses are available, whether alternatively or conjunctively. (31)
Basically, it is a conjunctively combined scheme of Goyal et al.'s KPABE scheme [15] and Waters' CP-ABE scheme [17].