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 (kən-jŭngkt′, kŏn′jŭngkt′)
1. Joined together; united.
2. Acting in association; combined: "the conjunct ... influences of fire and strong drink" (Thomas Love Peacock).
3. Music Of or relating to successive tones of the scale, moving step by step: conjunct motion; a conjunct melody.
n. (kŏn′jŭngkt′)
1. One that is in conjunction or association with another.
2. Logic One of the components of a conjunction.

[Middle English, from Latin coniūnctus, past participle of coniungere, to join together; see conjoin.]

con·junct′ly adv.
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After the research, the initial proposition may be confirmed because the study indicates the perception of high prices of vegan products as an important inhibitor of consumption, conjunctly with the perception of restricted supply, or rather, few product and brand options offered in the market.
Since these models conjunctly give estimates, we elaborated complementary variations, to obtain persistence estimates directly and with statistical significance.
Gal-3 also participates in the recognition of pathogenic fungi, acting conjunctly with Dectin-1 [49].