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con·ker 1

 (kŏng′kər) Chiefly British
1. A horse chestnut.
2. con·kers A game in which two players swing horse chestnuts strung on string, each trying to use his or her horse chestnut to shatter his or her opponent's.

[From British English dialectal conker, snail shell used in the original form of the game of conkers (in which two snail shells were pressed together until one broke), either from alteration of conqueror, one that conquers, hard snail shell that had won many games of conkers, or from variant of conch, or from a combination of both .]

con·ker 2

One that conks or hits.

[conk + -er.]

con·ker 3

One that conks, as when styling hair.

[conk + -er.]
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(Plants) an informal name for horse chestnut2
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Noun1.conker - the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnutconker - the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnut
seed - a small hard fruit
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[ˈkɒŋkəʳ] N (Brit) → castaña f de Indias conkers (= game) → juego m de las castañas
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[ˈkɒŋkər] n (British)marron m (d'Inde)
conk out
[ˌkɒŋkˈaʊt] vi
[machine] → tomber en panne
[person] (= pass out) → tomber dans les pommescon man conman [ˈkɒnmæn] nescroc m
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n (Brit inf) → (Ross)kastanie f; conkers (= game) Spiel, bei dem zwei Spieler mit an Fäden befestigten Kastanien wechselseitig versuchen, die Kastanie des Gegenspielers zu treffen und zu zerstören
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[ˈkɒŋkəʳ] n (Brit) (fam) → castagna (d'ippocastano)
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ProGlove, a leading provider of industrial wearables, has announced a new partnership with Conker, a British producer of business rugged tablets, touch screens and mobile devices.
Swallowing a conker whole can form an obstruction in a dog's gut or airway.
CANNY collectors are cashing in on a nationwide conker shortage by selling bags of them online.
AUTUMN'S here - the leaves are starting to turn brilliant copper and rusty red colours, but even better it's conker season.
There was always a competition to see who could collect the most, the biggest and the shiniest conker as the autumn leaves turned orange.
In what kind of household can a son ask: "Dad, can I borrow some of your urine?" Those conker injuries were an interesting chat-up line.
THERE aren't many reasons to look forward to summer ending, but conker season is one of them.
Conkers. While Alex Salmond was on stage in Perth, down in Peebles a shortage caused by bad weather threatened to halt the Scottish Conker Championships.
Some people say putting conkers in the corners of rooms will deter spiders but I think mine are so big and bold, they would probably just string the conkers up and start a Conker Championship.