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 (kŏn′āt′, kŏ-nāt′)
1. Existing at birth or from the beginning; inborn or inherent.
2. Originating at the same time; related.
3. Being in close accord or sympathy; congenial: "In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate than in streets and villages" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
4. Biology Joined or united with a structure of the same kind, as sepals or petals.
5. Geology Trapped in sediment or rock at the time of deposition: connate water.

[Late Latin connātus, past participle of connāscī, to be born with : Latin com-, com- + Latin nāscī, to be born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

con′nate′ly adv.
con′nate′ness n.


1. existing in a person or thing from birth; congenital or innate
2. allied or associated in nature or origin; cognate: connate qualities.
3. (Biology) biology Also called: coadunate (of similar parts or organs) closely joined or united together by growth
4. (Geological Science) geology (of fluids) produced or originating at the same time as the rocks surrounding them: connate water.
[C17: from Late Latin connātus born at the same time, from Latin nātus, from nāscī to be born]
ˈconnately adv
ˈconnateness n


(ˈkɒn eɪt)

1. existing in a person or thing from birth or origin; inborn.
2. associated in birth or origin.
3. allied or agreeing in nature; cognate.
4. (of anatomical parts) firmly united; fused.
5. congenitally joined, as leaves.
6. trapped in sediment at the time the sediment was deposited: connate water.
[1635–45; < Late Latin connātus, past participle of connāscī to be born at the same time with]
con′nate•ly, adv.
con′nate•ness, n.
con•na•tion (kəˈneɪ ʃən) n.
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Adj.1.connate - of similar parts or organs; closely joined or united; "a connate tomato flower"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
adnate - of unlike parts or organs; growing closely attached; "a calyx adnate to the ovary"
2.connate - related in nature; "connate qualities"
related, related to - being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics ; "painting and the related arts"; "school-related activities"; "related to micelle formation is the...ability of detergent actives to congregate at oil-water interfaces"


Connected by or as if by kinship or common origin:
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And so we say that the Judgment is distant or near, that the Millennium approaches, that a day of certain political, moral, social reforms is at hand, and the like, when we mean that in the nature of things one of the facts we contemplate is external and fugitive, and the other is permanent and connate with the soul.
The connate endeavors are neither static nor set for continuous growth.
The origin based on circulating connate waters proposed by Olade (1976) was supported by fluid inclusion studies and trace element geochemistry (Olade and Morton, 1985).
Nazi terror, as a consequence of such aberrant but connate demonic forces, is merely one instance of a more general global trend in the technical age that renders all nations victims of oppression and dictatorship.
Marsupium lacking, sporophyte surrounded by connate bracts Stephanieila 6.
It is hence not surprising that the underlying process depicted in stanza two of "On the Medusa," that of an otherworldly melody and "strain" of music harmonized by a human listener, is formally the same as the process Shelley presents at the opening of the Defence to elucidate that Poetry "is connate with the origin of man":
5) Double tooth is a term used to describe connate tooth and includes both Dental fusion and gemination.
Many geologic formations contain pores that are filled not with oil or gas, but instead with connate (saline/ alkaline) water.
Intact fruits not seen; samaras alike, except samara coming from anterior carpel bearing persistent style; samara obcordate in outline, with three subequal wings (two lateral and one dorsal) 8-10 mm long, 3-4 mm wide, loosely hairy with some hairs persistent at maturity, especially on nut and base of wings; wings membranous with reticulate venation, distinct distally, connate proximally; each samara bearing a slender cartilaginous ventral carpophore from base along midline to place of attachment of samara to receptacle.
KARACHI -- Connate announces to start its operations in Pakistan.
Did the kinds of communities she identifies already exist in manuscript epistolary circles, or were they connate with print?