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Noun1.connecting flight - a flight with an intermediate stop and a change of aircraft (possibly a change of airlines)connecting flight - a flight with an intermediate stop and a change of aircraft (possibly a change of airlines)
flight - a scheduled trip by plane between designated airports; "I took the noon flight to Chicago"
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Under European law, passengers can claim up to PS536 if a delay causes them to miss a connecting flight and they arrive more than three hours late.
This new Air Europa partnership is the latest initiative delivered under Year 4 of Ryanairs Always Getting Better customer experience programme, and follows the launch of Ryanairs connecting flight service via Rome Fiumicino last week.
A 79-year-old man who had just arrived from the United States was stopped on Tuesday from boarding his connecting flight to Laoag at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminal 2 after a box of ammunition was found in his bag.
It is not unusual for a journey starting in the EU and operated by a Gulf carrier to comprise of two or more flights, the first from any EU member state to a non member state (eg London to UAE) and then there is a connecting flight between two non member states (eg UAE to India).
They had been scheduled to catch a connecting flight to Cape Town in South Africa around 3.
Sutton, 50, was found hanged in a toilet cubicle in the early hours of Sunday morning after missing her connecting flight from Istanbul to Erbil, Iraq.
Summary: The Briton who boarded an Abu-Dhabi bound flight from Heathrow Airport (UK) launched a tirade of abuse against the UAE after his flight got delayed and he missed his connecting flight to India from Abu Dhabi.
Mohammad Rafiullah, one of the passengers, who had to catch a connecting flight to Patna, said: "Such negligence by Air India and the indifferent and callous attitude of its staff not only cause inconvenience but also mar the image of the national carrier.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- An Austrian passenger using Turkey as a transit country for a connecting flight died after suffering a heart attack at ystanbul AtatE-rk Airport.
26 am, " Landed in Sydney to take a connecting flight to Cairns.
To start off I had booked a flight on June 29, 2014 and got in to the same day with a connecting flight in the early hours of June 30.
So while considering which connecting flight to book, allot at least an hour between flights to account for unexpected delays and wait times at the Best airports, and three hours at the Worst.

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