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n. Informal
A fit of violent emotion, such as anger or panic. Also called conniption fit.

[Mock Latin, perhaps influenced by snip or snap.]


(often plural) slang US and Canadian a fit of rage or tantrums
[C19: arbitrary pseudo-Latin coinage]


(kəˈnɪp ʃən)

Often, conniptions. a fit of hysterical excitement or anger.
[1825–35, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.conniption - a display of bad temperconniption - a display of bad temper; "he had a fit"; "she threw a tantrum"; "he made a scene"
bad temper, ill temper - a persisting angry mood


Informal. An angry outburst:
Informal: conniption fit.
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(Is there even time left to pen another?) Some of the phrasing will give pernickety climate watchers conniptions. (Words like "eventually" are a red rag for them, because they catalyse the reader's imagination without actually meaning anything.) But Wallace-Wells's research is extensive and solid, his vision compelling and eminently defensible.
The fact that a gadget like the BOM can be installed without conniptions from the FAA and technicians shows how far we've come in just three years.
First, while the president has caused conniptions among denizens of that swamp, the likelihood that he will drain it is zilch.
"How do you say 48 in Chinese?" " the price in euros of a ride from Rome's city center to the airport " one cabbie asked Haohao Zheng, a teacher who had the class in conniptions trying to get them to pronounce"xie xie" (thank you), explaining that the sound was similar to that made"by old women without any teeth." Zheng's lessons also delved into Chinese geography, history, traditions, travel requirements and cultural faux pas, including some tips that might not necessarily come in handy on an ordinary ride.
His election has sent them over the top, into apocalyptic conniptions. Not only is President Trump "Hitler," "Mussolini," "racist," "fascist," "Nazi"--i.e., evil incarnate--as a wide swath of Trump critics insists, but he must be "resisted" by "all means possible," including violent riots and revolution, even assassination.
His impressive and voluminous writings, published by Rizzoli and collected in five volumes, are full of polemical conniptions and extravagances.
Judy Blume, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Alvin Schwartz, Leslea Newman, and Nadine Gordimer used to regularly cause pearl-clutching patrons and parents to have conniptions, so I worried that we Jews were losing our edge.
Whether or not it's bad luck superstitiously associated with crows, Siddaramaiah has since been having tough time defending allegations of having gone into conniptions over the bird.
"We saw Mamie / with a boy just entering puberty--/ he hugged the dog while / Tippi Hedren underwent / frigid conniptions, hair / designed by Alexandre de Paris." "Frigid conniptions" manages to sound both fabulous and strictured--those four upright little i's--and thus of a piece with the anxious, attentive young WK we're asked to picture elsewhere: the boy who couldn't master a cursive Z, who "thought poop was / Satan."
True, it doesn't look a great deal different to the car that rolled into dealers in 2012 and gave Ford, Vauxhall and even Volkswagen a fit of the conniptions, but look a little closer and it has improved in myriad ways.
But there's only one Trump and his candidacy is causing conniptions on the part of Republican Party officials, particularly given his campaign's open hostility toward Latinos.
There were arguments for and against the Chevrolet Volt, the Subaru Impreza caused a big kerfuffle when it went from saloon to hatch and the Posh Spice-influenced Range Rover Evoque gave the old money a fit of the conniptions, but the X6 probably has them all aced when it comes to generating extremes of approval or disapproval.