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adj. Biology
Converging and touching but not fused, as the stamens in certain flowers.

[Latin connīvēns, connīvent-, present participle of connīvēre, to be tightly closed.]


(Biology) (of parts of plants and animals) touching without being fused, as some petals, insect wings, etc
[C17: from Latin connīvēns, from connīvēre to shut the eyes, connive]
conˈnivently adv


(kəˈnaɪ vənt)

converging, as petals.
[1635–45; < Latin connīvent-, s. of connīvēns, present participle of connīvēre. See connive, -ent]
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Spondias bipinnata has been indicated as distinct from other species based on its bipinnate rather than once-pinnate leaves, leaflets lacking an intramarginal vein, and its pubescent, connivent styles (Mitchell & Daly, 2015).
pallididorsum the largest most basal lobe is paralel to the petiole and connivent, and the petioles and petiolar margins lack any epidermal growth and P pennellii Trel.
veins remain distinct (i.e., connivent) and splay before joining,