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 (kŏn′săn-gwĭn′ē-əs, -săng-) also con·san·guine (kŏn-săng′gwĭn, kən-)
Of the same lineage or origin; having a common ancestor.

[From Latin cōnsanguineus : com-, com- + sanguineus, of blood; see sanguine.]

con′san·guin′e·ous·ly adv.
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Adj.1.consanguine - related by bloodconsanguine - related by blood      
related - connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage


Connected by or as if by kinship or common origin:
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Inversement, une soeur consanguine dont ego aura ete separe (et avec qui il n'aura pas fait l'experience d'une meme familiarite socialisatrice) ne sera pas interpretee par lui comme une soeur consanguine: pas d'evitement de l'inceste ici.
Religious distinctions are perceptible on the outside, but these distinctions only serve to highlight the truth of familial connection, through which eight of the main characters in the film, in the end, come to be either consanguine or affinal kin.
65) According to Irenaeus, some gnostic groups (unhelpfully termed by him in the extant Latin rendition alii "others") (66) recounted tales about how, following the births of Cain and Abel and the murder of the latter, "Seth and then Norea were born," a consanguine marital pairing from whom the rest of humanity allegedly descend.
primary and secondary; consanguine, affine and adoptive).
In some states, such as, for instance, Iceland and Norway, not only sexual intercourse but also other sexual activities are punishable, however, in Norway consanguine siblings are liable of incest only if they have sexual intercourse [4].
This letter is dedicated, respectively; toReza Qoli Mirza and his family, his consanguine brothers, the sons of Ibrahim Khan Zahir al-dawla (Nadir's brother) and ultimately the custodians of the Shrine of Imam Reza (peace be upon him).
The change is in the form of a shift from consanguine to conjugal family.
The decline of ovarian function in young women, a common infertility issue, is linked to vitamin D deficiency, and in Arab women specifically, the decline is the result of being daughters from consanguine parents or parents who are related.
In the savage group it was the consanguine family; during barbarism it rested on the gens, the tribe or the confederation of tribes.
The Nubs clan was an example of one of these lines, which would create an important link between Gyaltsa, and a consanguine link to Tropu Lotsawa's, a yoke with a hereditary line of historic prominence in Tibet.
One is the keen interest Marx took in the radically democratic, communist content of the indigenous commons in a comparatively trans-cultural context: 'Communism in living seems to have originated in the necessities of the consanguine family, to have been continued in the punaluan, and transmitted to the syndyasmian unter d.