conscientious objection

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conscientious objector

n. Abbr. CO
One who on the basis of religious or moral principles refuses to bear arms or participate in military service.

conscientious objection n.
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conscien′tious objec′tion

refusal on moral or religious grounds to bear arms in a military conflict or to serve in the armed forces.
conscien′tious objec′tor, n.
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He would not, however, yield immediately to the young man's request, but made a few conscientious objections. "Are you not rather young, M.
As in previous editions, he incorporates recent developments in medical ethics, providing a new chapter analyzing ethical issues in big data and artificial intelligence in health care, and a new section on conscientious objection in medicine and US society generally in the chapter on refusal to care for patients.
The appeal was accepted by the court on Friday, which ruled that in view of the draft law recognising conscientious objection that will be discussed and voted on in the north until January 31, Karapasiaoglou's mitigation circumstances should be re-evaluated and his sentence reduced from 20 days to three.
Speaking to Turkish Cypriot reporters Murat Kanatli spokesman for the Initiative for Conscientious Objection in Cyprus called Karapasaoglu's arrest a "wound for justice," saying that "Halil is a hostage of Turkey".
Many doctors have expressed concern that while the law recognizes a limited right to conscientious objection, doctors could be forced by the law to refer a patient to another doctor who will provide the abortion.
It was only in the twentieth century, with the passage of allows that allowed conscientious objection to war, that atheism became a part of debates about religious liberty.
The high-profile gay rights activist said the move will allow people the right to have a "conscientious objection".
The Constitutional Court is expected to rule by August on the legality of conscientious objection to military service.
Into the gap, shadow NI secretary meets in order to try to legalise the cynical practice of abortion in the Province - no doubt to create the situation on the mainland where doctors and nurses are forced to participate and not allowed conscientious objection. We wonder if London is willing to dissolve the Assembly so measures can be forced through in defiance of public opinion in the Province.
When Soldiers Say No: Selective Conscientious Objection in the Modern Military