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The process of achieving greater awareness, as of one's own needs or of a political or social issue.

con′scious·ness-rais′er n.
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the process of learning to recognize one's own needs, goals, and problems or those of a group to which one or someone else belongs.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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The gun hand in the cast was a consciousness-raiser. It taught me what it was like for the new student who feels, not that familiar extension of the hand but an alien, awkward, "How the heck do I work this?" type of thing.
He was, in a way, his own consciousness-raiser, working diligently over the course of his writing career, as Lenz suggests, at his understanding of himself as a man who lives with women.
In honor of what would have been George Harrison's 68th birthday, we present what might have been the very peak of his professional career as a singer, songwriter, musician and social consciousness-raiser.
306) Eisenhower and Smith question critical pedagogy's reliance on rationalism, they question the role of a teacher as a consciousness-raiser, and they are careful to point out that education does not form but rather informs a person.
To Kill a Mockingbird, the famous American novel by Harper Lee, as a consciousness-raiser, is of and for the early 1960s.